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StyleLite is a superior quality acrylic laminate sheet that is available in solid and metallic colors in either a TruGloss or TruMatte finish. StyleLite acrylic laminate sheets are produced using a new TruColor technology, which is a next generation proprietary co-extrusion technology used in the manufacture of all StyleLite High Gloss and Super Matte sheets. TruColor incorporates an industry leading quality acrylic layer combined with an additional layer of UV enhanced color enriched ABS resulting in a surface finish with exceptional color consistency, depth and flatness combined with advanced color fastness. StyleLite acrylic sheets are designed to be laminated using various methods and adhesives (including PUR lamination) typically onto an MDF substrate of varying thicknesses to create acrylic panels which provide a perfectly flat surface that is far superior to paints, lacquers, HPLs and TFLs.

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